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Monday, November 21, 2011

Swagger Jagger (And it goes like this...)

I think the best song that goes to this look is Move Like A Jagger by Maroon5. I know it's a bit late to cater the song for this but it just kept on runnin' my mind during the shoot. And I felt so funky about swinging around posing'. lol I just love the beat that it excites me, and it really boost my sense of style. As an artist we come to work with no uniforms. So I have to maximize clothes that I have, and style it. Til' I get surprised with the outcome.

Growing up, I found myself in fitted shirts because I define loose shirts to be a bit rugged. I feel like dirty and rugged looking whenever I wear something loose. That's why I make sure to have it balanced by wearing skimpy pants. Or else, I'll end up looking messed up. I realized that recently, that I fold the sleeves of most of my shirts. It's a bit alarming to realized because it affects my self-esteem. Gaaahhh!!! I need to gain more weight! I have no options but to make myself look presentable at least in styling myself. And I guess be positive about it. Looking at the brighter side of having this kind of body type.

Whenever I see Nicole Richie and The Olsen sisters, I get a bit inspired. Especially Nicole Richie. She had been thru many issues about being anorexic or drug addicted. But She withstand any of those issues and she didn't let herself to look affected. I must say without being said they project that fashion becomes more fab when you're waistline doesn't come across the 30's. It is their bony arms, ass, rib showing and twigged legs. It is when they don't care how draping their shirts are and how skinny they wear jeans. It is the "I don't give a damn" attitude.

It's one of those days I feel like rebelling around at work because I'm soo lazy. I make up for the rugged looks I wear. If only I could wear all of my accessories I would. lol. I really love my accessories, like it makes me feel like I'm still dressed up. I swag everyday like I have no choice lol.

What I'm wearing: Aviator, FLY eyewear | Orange shirt, ARTWORK | Chokers, Folded and Hung | Brown skinny, Paporma | High tops, Mogao | Suede bracelets, sponsored by Simone's Closet | Elephant, Owl and Feather gold rings, all thrifted
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