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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Specs Appeal

Specs Appeal Simple and relax look. This shirt is one of my fave ones to wear. Actually the size of this is really for kids. lol I just saw it on display in kids department and I immediately asked the salesman if I could try the shirt. lol (shameless) Well I love grey ya’ll! And it fit perfectly lol I just feel so cute wearing this. Feels like a kid again. I find kids in japan so cute! (^ω^) I have a leather backpack from Japan but sadly it’s already broke and ripped. :(

Going back, I thought I feel like I have uber long skinny legs and not as flawless and fair as others’, I just feel like I dont need to care about it. Because I style for myself and not for others or even to impress people.

I prefer being cute than aiming to be “handsome” (wtf came from?) lol (>ω<) Seriously, IDK. Probably it suits more with my body type. hehe. I’m fitting myself where I know I can adapt more. Like wearing possible kids’ stuffs. hehe btw I wanna start D.Y.I.-ing toys as accessories too.I find it cute and really interesting. It challenges my creativity and I can also practicing recycling old stuffs. (^ω^)v

The editing on this one is very much inspired by korean photos and teen magazine editorials. Well most of it are very sharp and vibrant. It resembles being fun, young and very playful vibe. I dont know if it works for me lol But I find it really cute with the outcome. It’s when I play around with photoshop and ending up with nice set.

I think I just need to share what I just realized about style and fashion. Sometimes I play very simple. Well that includes lazy days but sometimes I just rely more on my skin than wearing extravagant outfits. I realized how “self-confidence” takes place on our own auras that shows to others that we look good in a certain shirt/dress even if it’s so simple. And like this look I posted this because I wanna share that simplicity is beauty. And my interpretation to that is about feeling yourself or showing it good even not by wearing expensive outfits. That’s one of the reasons why I invest more on taking care of myself especially my skin because its our natural cover that mostly show.

I actually found this peg from a clothing site then I knew that my top really suits something dark.

So get up and wear relaxed outfits and walk with confidence. Because I  bet there’s more from less. ;)

What I’m wearing: Grey hooded shirt, SM Dept | Black shorts, somewhere in 168 | Black plimsolls, SM Dept.
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