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Saturday, July 16, 2011

SOLE SURVIVOR by Jacqui Halili Co-Salonga

It's good to be Kermit Tesoro. Known for his extreme and unconvential aesthetic toward his fashion and footwear line, the designer can now add online retailer to his growing resume. After only four days of selling his fierce footwear on his website, Kermit's shoes are not just walking toward numerous fashionphiles who are screaming to nab a pair, they're actually running and running out fast.
Gone and Gone. The Jigsaw (left) and Heelless Extreme (right) were one of the fast moving pieces and are now sold out (Photo courtesy of
Self-confessed Tesoro cheerleader and business partner, Divine Lee, has told that two designs have already sold out. Religiously tweeting updates on how items have been well received for the past few days, it only solidifies the huge demand for the shoes that have been described as 'out of this world." Previously accepting made-to-order requests prior to launching his E-store, Divine also excitedly shares that they have received a big order from a US based online store, as for who or what it is, they are not ready to divulge just yet, saying, "We'll definitely let you guys know once they've received the order! Haha!"
Well Heeled. The Skull Bootie US$600 (left) is one of the bestselling designs found online, followed by the Cardio pump US$550 (right) (Photo courtesy of
Having recently been part of the Lady Gaga x Gilt Groupe flash sale a few weeks ago, the young designer is definitely reaching an audience that moves beyond the country's shoreline. The future of Tesoro is looking bright, and the world seems to agree, which goes to show that the decision to make his pieces available on the web has already proven to be a smart venture for the ingenue, who debuted his first Philippine Fashion Week collection only two years ago. 
Super Shoes. These Limited Edition Pisa Booties in brocade fabric US$350 (left) and in plain black fabric US$300 (right), inspired by the Italian landmark, will only have 50 pieces available for purchase (Photo courtesy of
With the rising number of orders from local and international clients, congratulations are definitely in order for Kermit Tesoro, proving that he, as well as his designs, are one of the hottest commodities of Philippine fashion today.

For more information and to shop online, click here to check out Kermit Tesoro's website.

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