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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Inspiration: Rad Hourani meets Japanese street fashion/K-pops 

Moving forward with style. I’m highly influenced by K-pops, harajukus and Japanese high street fashion. Innovative, artisitic and postmodernist. Very cute rockish style embeds this style more like band member of a J or K-pop. Well they’re cute even with their rockstar looks hehe. Probably because of the hair. Ugh just love them.

 In Europe we have Rad Hourani who’s one of my inspiration with my asymmetrical tastes. He’s so brilliant about monochromatic and asymmetrical dress that gives edge on the catwalk. I love Rad’s collection because it really sparks the tough side of me. To be different is to know how to layer your clothes and to be brave of cuts and innovative concepts.

Specs never fails to carry one’s simplest style, accessories such as metalsare for highlights/illusions. I wanna front my boots to give the idea that its one of the guys’ bestfriends when it comes to fashion. So invest on a good pair! Well I should say beauty is pain and these boots are too for a walkaton. lol. It is fashion! This look is one of my stylish. More like stumping to the beat of whatever there is. lol ♥

I’m wearing: Specs (Mint), Dyno printed tees (Cake on street made in Thailand), Black short shorts (thrifted from 168), Leather jacket(SM Dept), Black/silver/gold dogtags (Folded&Hung), Metal braced black suede(Folded&Hung), Connector ring(Muradito), Elephant & Owl gold rings (thrifted), Military green suede(Artwork), Boots (Red Skin)

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