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Friday, July 15, 2011

LB fan says...


i am Jess and i’m studying fashion design in nyc.

i’ve come across many fashion sites looking for design inspiration and i really like your look! You’re inspiring me a lot! :)

But the thing is i am not very confident to show off my personal style since i am not a good model!

could you please give me some feedback? i just started to use another site as well since i don’t need to upload photos of myself.. this makes me feel more comfortable..

i made this composition for the theme of “first date in summer”. it sounds funny but it is actually my school project! :)

thanks, please give me any advice! thanks for imparting your fashion wisdom!!

~Elaine Daniels (

Ok you know I got the part where ur not comfy of modelling ur own style. But it’s your designs so who else would be proud of it if you won’t? You should be showing off you talent like here inLookbook. I am skinny and not perfect flawless as others. I have insecurities (a lot) but I still pursue what I love and that is styling myself and making picture perfect WHICH I get a lot of good compliments and builds my self confidence. I suggest you should be starting building ur own too.

Ok going to the site given. I’m quite confuse if those products yours. Cos it’s all gorgeous. You know I’ve been thinking many concepts for pictorials with those products ans styling them. You should be confident enough to your own talent. Here in Lookbook I dont care if someone hates me and my looks. Thats just about it. Cos I dont give a damn about their’s too. That is why we have what we called “profile”, its our own page and its our world. haters gon hate and love those who do love us. :)

Ok did I just helped you now? Or is there anything I can advice for? Thanks much for appreciating and considering me as “expert”. Hopefully there’ll be someone who’ll ask your opinion too. Aim high! ;)
~The Little Prince

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