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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Treasure Box :)

 These are my accessories and counting .. I just started taking pictures of it to share it with you guys. That is I'm crazy over accessories lol. It just make my looks stand-out. So I gotta have a unique piece in every new look. I just don't want to repeat on pieces and present it as "same old, same old" hehe. It's kind an instinct for me to buy new ones if I notice that I'm already "overusing" a piece of necklace for example. :)
 This chain necklace was an example of my being impulse buyer. lol I just bought it cheap. This is my weakness. "Cheap yet chic" lol It's from Wade btw. ;)

  One of the stores I adore when it comes to accessories is Folded & Hung. They are such an amazing creator. They never let me down on unique pieces that I still use on some new looks, where I believe are not that noticeable. ;) The crucifix necklace and bracelets are pair that I lately found out about one's model wore the bracelet in my Garage 2011 summer edition. Awesomeness!

This one is my D.I.I. Bowtie necklace. I never wanted to wear anything stereotypical that makes me end up creating new pieces I called D.I.Y.

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