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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Definition of Cool

How do you define someone as being cool? We often say that word but we really don't have any specific definition or analysis how it is achieved. According to the Mark Twain

Along my version I will try to define what is cool for me at least base on fashion. :)

For me being cool comes naturally with the attitude, it's about being confident that someone believes what he's wearing looks good, so good in fact you don't need to say it instead but shows with your vibe. Effortless.

Here some people who I personally believe achieved this elusive attitude of being cool.
"the clothes make the man". I would consider this quote but does it mean I can dress like a gangsta and make it work for me? Style is the ultimate paradox, you must take great care of yourself and completely forget you're wearing clothes at all. This feeds the idea that the attitude is the majority behind the clothes. As we said about being cool it is elusive and undefinable that transcend the generation, the cultures and of course it is timeless.We'll certainly know it when we see someone walk in a bar at work or even in the train that just seem to ooze the thing call cool.
David  Beckham
James Dean
Pelayo Diaz
Adam of Maroon5

The essential:

Back to Mark Twain in order to be the icon you wishes to be, the man should have stylish clothes which is important.

These Guidelines that I came up are base on my kind of tastes :)

*I invest on the basics and/or timeless pieces (of course I'll keep it as cheap as possible) . Basics like V-necks with different colors, believe me it can be your inner look or you're main top of your look, flats/doll shoes with monochromatic colors, pants that are monochromatic and earthy colors so  that it'll be easy to interchange or create endless style. Basics are versatile, you will use them in times you would need them as your missing piece. "Fashion fade, style is eternal"--Yves Saint Lauren

*If you thing you really want a piece of an item which is currently in the trend and you might think you'll be blindly following the crowd. Just remember this "The crowd should follow you". Have it your style, how them you have a different way to wear it.

*Like the 2nd "Be the trend setter". I just love this. I invest on nice pieces of what I called as endangered pieces I believe that I'll be the only one who will have it. I don't wantmy neighbor or my peer to have the same kind of piece that I have. Example of this are accessories, I don't wear pieces that can be seen anywhere.

*Balance---I like it when I have expensive pieces blending with cheap ones in one look. It doesn't have to be all branded or expensive. It'll be always the over all out come of your look. :)

*There would be no authentic and timeless other than vintage stuffs. Try to find something your parents used to wear. You'll surel;y have great finds!

*I am the king of alter. I won't be confident when I know and feel that I'm wearing a shirt that is quite big on me. Loose sleeves, excess length of pants, loose waistline whatever that won't fit me I'm sure I won't achieve the right attitude.

*Elegance sets your outfit apart from the sea of common, and it refines you. 

Now tell me. What is your definition of being cool?
Share your opinion by commenting below. Would really appreciate it! ;)

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