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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fashion Phobia

Are you aware that you might have this epidemic that is contagious among men? It’s also about the environment we are into. You might be affected by the fact that you are straight and you’ll keep it safe whether you are an accountant, policeman, plumber or a rock star. It is something men all over the world have to deal with. I’m pertaining to Fashion Phobia. I hope I can help you with this topic as we go along discussing about what can we do to overcome it mentally and physically.

What is Fashion Phobia?

In simple terms fashion phobia is the irrational fear of wearing something fashionable and stylish because you’re worried what people might think about it (note: the fear of wearing the jumper your Nan knitted you six Christmases ago is in no way irrational).
*(meaning is from the actual website inspiration:

The women are so lucky to have these varieties of style to choose from because of the fact that in nature they are the roots of fashion and fashion is designed mainly to women in majority. They have the confidence of nothing to worry about of wearing any while the guy’s are stuck with the with any combinations of prototype: “shirt and trousers” and so on being simple. So since it has always been like that strict, it puts the fear of God into us when faced when wearing against the so called “norm”.

The Norm: Norm in this context is how those people in your mainly social circle dress. If you are an accountant in a merchant bank, and the people are expected to be wearing tailored suits and dress then mentally you would have the Fashion Phobia of going beyond the norm.

Fashion Phobia is not just about dressing up or dressing down. I’m afraid that it’s mainly cause is among our friends and environment which basically affect our perception about ourselves. We and our friends would be uncomfortable when someone I the group would tend to break the rule or have this “change”. And in fact most the people are losing friends in result. This is not supposed to happen if they are your real friends. They should respect you more and even make a prompt that it’s already time to make an update.

Below are the bad cases of fashion phobias:

The Polo shirts:
 Wearing it simply with its collar down and the first button open is very casual. Even though that you might think that you’ll look handsome with that “pop-up collar” goin’ on you should know the rules. It comes with your height. 

Tall guys are exceptional of this rule because they have longer necks while shorter guys must be aware that it could not be attractive to lose your neck with the “pop-up”Buttons are of choice to break Fashion Phobia, you can have it all buttoned up or keep it smart casual with one button open. 

The Colors
Guys are all in monochromes because of this Fashion Phobias. It goes back to the fact that we don’t want us to stand out. Sure we want to get notice by hot stuffs but we don’t want to be notice green chinos that would make us silly right?  Wrong. Color is everywhere. Is makes the world a magical place. Do you think that the cakes would be delightful with black and white or the fruits perhaps? Herewith are tips to keep in mind to give a shot in your social life.

*Color makes a person looking like a friendly one while black suit keeps it off to be left alone.
*Colors gives confident to your personality that you have image improvement in the public and stand out as you dare. (but not too daring by wearing an all pink suit of course.)
*Colors gives you access to different combinations that shows you have an update wardrobe and that you have infinite possibilities of what you can wear.

It is considered to be the cherry on top. If you would dare to dress up breaking that comfort zone you should complete the look. That confidence will be accentuate by your accessories and your look will stand out looking perfect and all put together. There are nice pieces of accessories to choose from but mind you that not all of em you can wear. You must keep it balance. Example: On your left arm you are wearing a huge stoned ring while on the right is your leather lace-up bracelet. You wouldn’t want it to be all in one arm. It’s a total no no to wear necklace in polo shirts! Accessories occupies the blank spaces in our look that’s why you should check what part is too broad and blank and should fill em up. I love accessories and I don’t want to keep it unique that’s why I grab it right away when I see a unique one somewhere. Accessories are important because it gives personality to your look.

Time To Get Over Your Fears
We all have this one favorite shirt or one favorite pair of pants but we won’t wear it because we’re afraid of what people might think.  It’s terrible in my opinion. So here’s the tips to keep that Fashion Phobia in your closet:

*Wear that particular item of clothing when visiting somewhere you don’t know anybody, or people you haven’t seen in a while—They would assume that the item is a part of your everyday personal style. Thru this, will help you boost your confidence and eventually wearing it in front of your friends will just be easy.
*You can ask a company like a close friend in private to wear that particular item in the whole group.
*The bottom line is the more you wear something, the more confidence you’ll be wearing it often with being notice. Of course the first time will be the worse but it will be worth it I promise ;)

*Ask a female. Wear an outfit topped off with item your nervous about preferably someone you don’t know. Women are very good in criticisms and being vocal with their opinions than men. And it’s harder to approach women than men, in result you’ll have more confidence. If the girls would like it then who cares about guys anyway?   

*Try to keep it cool and effortless in that way it would be obvious that something is new from you.
*In the end be brave! It’s not just about the clothes you’re nervous of wearing about, It comes along infinity of possibilities in your wardrobe that will point you in the right direction. And at the same time you’ll find yourself overcoming other fears and already have a sense of confidence in you.

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