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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wardrobe Update

An update to my blog. Well I feel sorry that I'm getting more lazy blogging nowadays. I have tons of reasons why and part of it is the Cyber Crime Law that has been the talk of the town. Plus the fact that my blogsite is being deteriorated because I lack on management. (Which I need to fix very soon <sigh> )

Last time I went on an update with my wardrobe and bought these stuffs in my local fave cheap stores.  Luckily I got a well fitting polo shirts in chinese collars that I can't wait to wear for my LB acct. And drawing to see my pants collection I decided to buy these green shades since I still don't have any of these tones (aside from spearmint which I'm eyeing on now XD). 

I want to have a slow phase shopping to get a new entire look to mix and matched. Before I update some stuffs. XP My style aura is getting back it's old pizazz vibe. Plus Philippine Fashion Week is getting near. I need to think of my looks by now. XD

Inspire me fellas! XDDD 

Will keep you guys posted! ;D


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