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Monday, October 29, 2012

Plaid On Me

Hi guys! I'm back from a very loong hiatus! hehe! It was really quite a long time for an update I know but one thing is for sure. I'll be back with pending looks to share especially this coming days since there'll be a long weekend for me to rest, chill, and shoot. Like thank God! hehe!

On the other hand, while I was sort of disappointed because no one was able to get my look photos done. I get laid my attention with my other social feeds. I feel like being diverted into this lazy blogger. But I'm trying to get back on track you know! xD I know it's such a waste if I'll jut put my blog into waste with all the efforts I built. I'll be back in this world again where I share my private stuffs and whatnot as if I'm such a lonesome patootie. hehe. Oh well yes Philippine Fashion Week have passed by but even though I got passes from designers. I chose to not come because I was not quite motivated and some other instances that happened. I realized that it was really not that much of a big deal attending those kind of events as long as you know that there will always be next time. ;)

What I'm wearing: Plaid, Paporma | V-neck, Fashion House | Taupe pants, Paporma | Skull Necklace, Rebel Gear | Other accessories, thrifted from 168 
My take on this casual look is very much inspired by the relaxed outfit I've seen with one of my favorite bloggers - Carlos Concepcion.
It's a thrown relaxed look that comes with crisp pieces. I thought it's one to share with since I'm all for the comfy wears but still aligned to my style. 

Hype this look here!

Another one is that I was really fond to shoot here at Lucky Chinatown though it's still in progress. I was surprised when I saw this part that seems to look like in Hongkong! Gladly no one bothered to take on a hold while we were shooting! jeeehee! Definitely I'll be coming back and forth with this location and hoping to discover more places for my look photos nearby my place. ;)


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