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Sunday, November 3, 2013


I've been gathering photos from kpop stars' from their shopping paparazzi shots to their airport looks. I find it very laid back and effortless. I kinda adore the coolness of the sporty vibe and led me to this look. 
This is something I wear whenever I have errands in the morning to keep myself out from looking stressed. I could worry less with my hairdo by topping off a cool snapback. 
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What I'm wearing: Mickey Tanks, So Close | Gold chain, Androgyne Manila | Rich snapback, Market Market | Denim jeans, Oxygen | Aviator, Androgyne Manila | Kicks, Penshoppe
New kicks. Very cheap and light weight! 
You guys know that I'm a fan of tanks. And by far I've used this Mickey Mouse's hands for quite several times now. Yeah it's Mickey. I was a Mickey kid and I think it just keeps on finding it's way to adapt the current trend. How'd you love a simple swag from Mickey? ;)


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