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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wild and Young ✝ ✝ ✝

Here's something darker than my usual. Diggin' my tanks when you exactly need easy pieces that still carry on a stylish or swaggish vibe. Boy London is really iconic by it's eagle logo so I believe nothing goes wrong with that. 

Honestly I'm still adopting the snapback style because I have bangs and it cooks my hair throughout of the day. But one thing that I could advice is if you feel like wearing it then avoid using too much hair products especially creams so your hair won't moist inside and precooked your hair. 
Going through my clothes. I had a bit of struggle putting together edgy pieces because most of my clothes are preppy-ish and really comes in bright hues and pastels. 

 I have two of this the other one is black cropped shirt. HAHA! 
Hype my look here!

And of course partially proud of my rottweiler bag. Hhmm..
Well I confessed that when I feel like I need a piece to complete my look. I really buy and scout for it like this bag. hihi!

What I'm wearing: Snapback, Wild and Young @Androgynemanila | Boy London tanks, Push Thru | Washed out jeans, Top and Bottom | High tops, Travis, Japan

Perhaps, mostly wonders what happened to my light and bubbly style? Well I can say that I'm in the transition of something adaptive, moderate, more dapper looking than my former girly look.


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