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Monday, September 2, 2013


And so I'm back to blogging! Huraayy!!! I'm sorry for my readers and those who kept waiting for a long hiatus. I finally be able to shot my looks for my LB acct. Lol. 

Well to start of, there have been so many things happened and changes with my style if you guys noticed and really been able to see me on instagram. I also gave up the blonde hair since it's really hard to maintain. haha. I feel so bubbly coming back on writing a blog for you guys. XD

My style diverted into a swagger look, hhmm.. More like hip hop or some called dancer look. But there is still a place for preppy style in my heart. ^^ I should say that kpop isn't really gone in me. I just became more edgy and a bit strong with my recent style. 

 I've been hoarding clothes for the past months while my blog is on hiatus and I'm just too excited to share with you how I did the styling.
 Not to mention I'm really not an online shopper BUT NOW! HAHA.. Since the enlightenment of instagram has come my way there have been the sprout of online shops following me from everywhere. XD

Like this snapback that I bought from @thehypeshop The service is good plus they are willing to suit your satisfaction if aren't contented with the product the you purchased. You should give it a shot with their cool stuffs!

 Even myself couldn't believe the transitions and tastes that I'm into now. But one thing that I observed bout the pieces I wear. It becomes more lazy and laidback. Gotta get over  tons of layers I guess. lol 

What I'm wearing: Snapback, Comme des Fuckdown, @thehypeshop | Animal Print shirt, Muradito | Denim skinnies, Oxygen | Loafers, Penshoppe | Aviator, @sunniesbycharlie

I hope you guys follow me on instagram if you wanna check out archives of what I've been doing for the past couple of months.

Well, that's all for my comeback! Hopefully this continues on and on for the coming months. ^^ Don't forget to hype this look here 

This blog won't end without my 


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