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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1960's Love Affair

I grew up as a Mickey Mouse child. And up until now I cherish those cute time of being fond with Mickey. I guess I still dream of going to Disneyland someday and wearing this shirt. But really when I saw this before going to Baguio I immediately bought it. Suprisingly its cheap but also I wanna go out during the night wearing this. I just miss that. It's so casual and there are only few who makes a Mickey Mouse sweater for Lookbook, so I was thinking of British Preppy for this look. Those guys that I once read and seen on Men's style magazine. Geeky yet chic in glasses. 
What to wear: Mickey Mouse, Jewel | Faded jeans, Aeropostole | Chucks, Converse | Specs, Forever 21 | Studded suede, 168
Converse I got from my grandpa. Tattered in its most classic look! 
I'm so into this "no belt" style it just adds up to my classic faded jeans. #VintageStyle
Hype this look here

Seeing people jog in breezy morning motivates you to get up very early. I wish its that cold in Manila where you wont chase your breath and sweat a lot from running. Still I dream of someday having a house here in Baguio It's such a nice investment for my family in the future. You can wear anything especially sweaters like this. 

On the other hand, as you can see, my style is getting more matured and darker than the hues that I usually wear. I admit its kinda hard to gather tough looks to fit my new hair as I'm not use to it. I'm gradually reinventing my hair in someways I could adopt in some styles even without the blonde. 

P.S.: Tell me who do I look like with my hair plus the glasses! Will gladly hear it from you! ;)


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