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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goodbye Agony! Hello Future!

 It's the 16th of February. Woke up 5 AM in the morning as my phone alarmed. Went down from bed and opened my drawers thinking what to wear for my first day at my new work. I just can't help the smile drawing on my face. It some sort of telling me that I have a new life on that specific day. I discharged my globe before I slept the night before in order to avoid stress. Including my phone seems to be new because no one bothers to text with my sun sim. Oh I just pulled pulled out my pink graphic v-neck and my skin tight jeans together with my faux leather jacket. Just wanted to play it rock star with a bit of appeal. lol Of course everything is a blurred on my sight not wearing my contact lenses. Went in to take a shower and went out shivering because of intense cold. Wore my v-neck and changed my mind again (umiral na nman pgkamaarte ko lol). Pulled out again my drawer and felt wearing grey. I chose my grey Dino printed shirt plus my skinny jeans. Applied my morning essentials on my face and make-up. There. Looking fresh. But wait there's more. I will definitely look insane without having my hair done. Applied cream on my hair and blow dried it. Take note eating and doing those is my morning routine lol. So everything packed up including my baon thank you dad.
Oh just before I forgot! I pulled out my wayfarers. Damn! I just missed wearing it!
Went down, wore my grey plimsolls and off walking.

As I ride the jeepney I felt the breeze of the morning air which I used to felt during College. As I reached the LRT,I just thought of buying a stored value for a couple of days to avoid hassel. Running towards the closing door of the LRT. I took a deep breath inside as it ran off the station.

Looking around I observed silence. As I closed my eyes feeling so sleepy.  I just thought of my previous company. STRESS DRILON again.Wagged my head to erase!


Ok people are so wild at the morning. I still wore a smile as I walked the bridge connecting the MRT station. GOD! so many peeps!


Ok And now I'm posed and standing again. nice ..


walkaton from Rob to the ________ bldg. i did't know where to cross to reach that building. So asking helps.

I asked a security guard

"Manong san po yung papuntang C_____ bldg? Sa crossing ng ____road at ____ road "

Manong: "Ahh .. diretsuhin mo yang kalyeng yan hngaang dulo"

Me: "Malayo po ba?"

Manong: "Medyo, dulo nitong kalye eh.."

(OH  God)

*walkaton again ..



thank you Lord

entered the bldg and presented my I.D.

Manong guard: "san po sila sir?"

Me: "sa ___ po, 15th flr"

Manong: "anung purpose nila?"

Me: (napaisip, oo nga ano nga ba?) "First day"

Manong: "Applicant? o first day sa trabaho?"

Me: "opo first day"

Went to the elevator and reached 15th flr.

(Door bell)


Me: "Hi Good morning! ako po yung applicant. Im looking ofr Ms. B___"

Ate: "Ang aga mo naman"

Me: "Eh kasi po tinantya ko lang transpo ko kung gano katagal. Kaya medyo napaaga ng konti"

Ms. Babes the HR entered the office with the smile of surprise because I'm too early. :)
Very Heart warming welcome treated by the new friends in my new work.

Opened my MAC while thinking what to do first. Oh need to research about the Pag-IBIG hotline as well as the PhilHealth and TIN. Hhhhmm ... tried facebook.

Alt + Tab + = Damn! Blocked! = YEY! (evil smile)

*search *search

Pao: Jaye can you help me with this lay-out of Jollibee package?


*back to station

I had my first assignment with the Jollibee packages lay-out.. Well I admit I felt the pressure thinking that yes I just had little revises but what if I be the one who will create all of those. Damn you pressure and expectations!

But no, of course nothing compare with my agony at my previous company!

*Werk werk werk

Hayy .. nothing to do but net surfing .. hehe yey

Went home late. Measuring my transportation and how everything went. I am so glad with my new job. I just feel brand new. I feel like I have my second life, new friends, new ME. It doesn't mean that I already forgot how I started. Every piece of my sweat, blood, sweat, dark circles and burned fats are meant to be and I believe that it's already my time. Time to start of something new. Time to bring my stuff on.

To: God I'm so thankful. And that He guide me on my new life. Please give me the strength to exist and the skill to extract to excel. It's not just proving to them that I deserve but it's also important to prove it myself as well. 

New Life, New Friends, New Me .. 

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