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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I miss College life

Well I really miss college days. Where I was basically a fashionista kind of student way back then lol. with a bright Light Ash Blonde, I go to school wearing my wayfarer shades, skinny custom made pants, loafers, cardigan and a sling bag where I carry “Brent” (my camera). I hate it when I look “common”. I always want to stand out and be recognized that’s my perception. I am unique and it must be showed with the way I dress and the way I do things.

Photography? Well I never knew that above all my subjects, I mostly enjoyed photography class that’s why I’m always excited during Tuesday and Thursday. At first I don’t have Brent so I was so envy with my friends and needed to borrow for my assignments. 

I’m such an artistic person given that I love visuals and art making photography easy to adopt. I love fashion and always been inspired by America’s Next Top Model and TV shows. Probably I was so insane to have the so called talent in photography as well. So, we had basic photography but I was so excited to take it to the next level because I want to learn Fashion photography. Which I know we can’t jump over a specific genre. Being a perfectionist, I was too fascinated with shot angles that is why I studied for myself. Purely observations. Because when you love something, it wouldn’t stop you from learning something new.
Until now, even if I don’t work in the fashion industry, it shows with the way I dress that fashion is number one in my heart. I can’t even go to work looking so lame. My mood dictates how I dress for a certain day. I could be high fashion, a rock star, a K-pop etc. And one thing it excites me to dress when people likes how I dress. It some sort of a compliment when I notice that they are checking me out. J

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