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Friday, September 16, 2011

I got soul but I’m not a souldier

Ok this week has been sooooo freakin’ busy for me to finally upload my photos. Sorry guys lol You know my work right? I got so drown with all my workloads. Anyways, this was shot last Sunday by of course who else but my sister. This look just actually popped up out of my stylish mind lol. I needed to bring a 2nd look to shoot during the day so there. Gosh I forgot my specs for this look! I hope you still like this guys. Btw I would like to thank Denise for sending me some accessories I wore in exchange for the collab we did for her line. It’s the brown suede and the skull connector ring. I really appreciate it! <3 ;D

I bought this denim vest in a thrift shop I’ve been passing by coming from work. And I’ve been thinking of ways to make it stand-out in an outfit. Guys don’t usually wear denim vest so it’s a challenge. Btw, if you are good in fashion you will know if a polo, vest or anything with buttons belong to a guy or a girl. Here is it: The buttons for guys must be on your right side while the girls’ should be on the left side.(Looking at yourself *perspective) And yes! This denim vest is girls’ vest. Have you thought of it? ;D
I’ve been wearing clothes from the women’s and kid’s sections that actually won’t appear obvious. Aside from my fetish upon cheap clothes, I want to show versatility on how will I wear it. I wanna share ideas and tricky tips for guys even to girls how to be more “matipid” and be wise about buying clothes. :)
The vest is the highlight. Trying on with a black top wasn’t successful. Why? Aside from the fact that I wore this day time, black sucks during sunny days. I don’t wanna soak myself to sweat. lol Ok What else? White shirt! Instead of wearing nothing with your denim vest (which I won’t do) wear it with plain flat light colored tops, since the aim is to make it stand-out.
I don’t know if I’m justifying my looks of being restless. I hope you guys like it. :) I enjoy dressing up with any kind as much as I am overwhelmed with your appreciation. ;D

What I wore: Denim Vest, thrifted | White V tee, Fashion House | Dog tags, Folded&Hung | Grey pants, Paporma | Boots, 
Red Skin

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