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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Low Shoulder

I dont know what does grey brings me and my skin. It just makes me feel good about myself wearing it. I bought this cheap shirt and just because I really feel good about it I really thought of an outfit for it. Well not as so stylish but I'm positive about it. Confident that is.

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 When I can't think of anything to wear that includes gloomy and lazy days. This shirt is one on the top of my mind. But I don't wear my boots on lazy days, instead I use plimsolls or my flat espadrilles-like. When I'm lazy, I'm really lazy the whole day that includes how I look. But I don't forget to put foundation on and concealer. I promise they are life savers from stress!
So going back. This laid-back look reminds me of Chad Michael Murray on the morning with starbucks coffee in hand or maybe those flowers.  lol
And how Pete Wentz crossing the road holding hands with his baby. 
But mainly I don't know why I kept on Playing the song Through the trees by Low Shoulders during the shoot. Maybe because I can still feel the vibe of that emo-ish cold symphony it brings. Hence, Jennifer's Body featuring steamy Megan Fox is one of my favorite!

 It made me search about the band leaded by Adam Brody. This guy got some appeal eh?

Oohh yeah how he looks-like the vocalist of The Killers here! <3

Relax, and inspired as well as great influential songs of The Killers such as " Mr. Brightside", "Human", "When you were young"&"Read my mind". Fall Out Boy's spontaneity and the ever emotional The All American Rejects. Acoustic songs really brings out the relax side of style in me. But with a bit of a spontaneous rocky attitude.

Skinny Jeans:There are only few looks posted with skinny jeans that's why I want to encourage guys to be confident about wearing it and be more creative of wearing it with style.
Beanie: I didn't know I could actually wear it several times! Realizing how versatile it is with any guy look especially even when you're wearing blazers! 
Hike Boots: Hiking-like? Yes it's a stand-out with my heavy duty boots under the gloomy clouds.
Don't let it the rain drain your style. Rainy seasons is up for a gear-up! Yes! We should still be in style under our umbrella. Cheers!☁☂

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  • September 3, 2011 at 10:12 PM

    Hi Zirjaye! :) Ventured into your blog today and I love your style! ;) Followed you btw!


  • September 11, 2011 at 4:29 AM
    Zirjaye S. says:

    @Arnie hey thanks dear! followed you too! ;)

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