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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Freak Out and Call Mom!!!

Well I guess this would be the last look for my blonde hair since I already changed my hair color (that is if you're following me on twitter and fb. hehe). It was actually taken last December by my sister. I had time to take look photos since it was our Christmas vacation. I wasn't supposed to upload this one because I thought the photos were too lame. But then out of my boredom I tried editing it with some effects and ended up with this fiery set. hehe. I just love the actions that I downloaded, because it really helps you to try new photo effects to add a flare. 
What I'm wearing: Freak Out shirt, Bazaar, World Trade Center | Pink pants, thrifted, Thrift shop | Bag, Salvatorre Mann | Clubmaster, SM Accessories |
Elephant's horn necklace, Anna Gonzales, Blogger's United 4 | Suede bracelets, 168 | Shoes, Rajo Laurel for Milanos 
Seeing this really makes me miss my frosted hair. But then it came to a point where it's a conflict that I had to cut it short and coat it with a dark one.
I was shocked when the towel went off my head because I told the hair stylist to make it brown and not ash. He told me it will be like what I have now since the bleach is still there.
But he said after weeks it'll fade into brown. Well I just hope because if not I need to coat it to chestnut brown just before we go to Baguio. 
Hype this look here

I just couldn't help it. But I already sketched looks that I will bring to Baguio. Although I'm a bit bothered if my dark hair would still compliment my looks. x( I already got used to my light aura because of my hair. I know it's not suppose to be that way. That's why I'm doing my best to keep myself in the hype of carrying this look confidently. Well everyone likes it. Like EVERYONE! There all-caps! LOL. It was just exaggerated how people reacted positively. lol It's just hard to manage because I need to use wax and it feels sticky after the end of the day. Worried as well since my hair is already dry that I have to refrain from using wax but yeah I have no choice! x(

But then, eventually I'm seeing progress with my hair styling skill. LOL. It's better to try new thing especially with you hair you know. It gives you that boost when you do a trial and error. ;D

Til next post guys! Will surely have my new look after this! Stay tuned! ;D


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