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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Corporate Call

I already got this shirt way back last year. It was one of my fave when I think of something elegant yet relaxed to wear. I've done trial and error styling it up until I have this. I have some style inspirations I got from some fashion weeksi n U.K. and had this as my own version. Should I say that I think it would also look good with mandals. yet until now I havent got my pair. Which was the first  plan. So I wore my front trusted black elegant shoes to finish the look. 
Along my mall strolling with my bffs, gladly I found this clutch in a very very low price.So I got this. I think its a bit large for a clutch,
but then it carries more than just the normal clutch anyway. :3 Pairing it with denim jeans is one tricky style because I dont wanna lose the elegance that is drawing
between dark hues and gold accents. I just complimented with the right gold pieces to make i more stunning. 
What I'm wearing: Top, Superstar | Denim, Paporma | Shoes, Mogao | Clutch, SM Accessories | Accessories, thrifted in 168
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On the other hand,  I'm considering this as one of my movie night looks. hihi. It looks stunning in the evening and with a layer of cardigan to keep myself cozy. As with the title "Corporate Call". I had interviews as per my applications these past few days. But then its either not suited to my position or the offers were kinda low based from my experience. Hayy.. I'm starting to realized how poor our country when it comes to job huntings and opportunities. My mind is floating up on going abroad. Well, until now I'm still looking for a new job (discreetly that is!) So if you guys know any artists position or style assistant, please let me know! ;)


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