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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pretty Amazing

Because my skin gets too dry whenever I wipe my oil using oil film, I wanted to try a liquid foundation. I had no idea which one suits my sensitive skin so I was a bit amazed with the ones in Nichido. So then I  bought it and afterwards I feel like its smudgy on my face like oily. And Thank goodness Maggie bought a press powder from Maybelline with a free BB cream and gave me one. I really like he effect! It even outs my face! Not smudgy, matte effect and it really looks fresh! 

So right away I went to the mall and sought for it. I found out that the BB cream was on sale til the end of December so then I bought 2 of it since she said there were only 2 left. I could store it as a stock perhaps. 

I was really not convinced by those BB creams that Koreans use because I actually thought that those are just primers but hell I didn't know that some offers 8-in1! Meaning you could use it as a sunscreen, a primer, a foundation and so on! Really too good to be true but it is! Altho I still bring my press powder for retouches I'm considering BB cream for Maybelline as very convenient, light and easy to bring. 
I ran out of facial wash so I thought of trying again a facial foam by Etude House. Why?
Because its enough for a month and more for its affordable price. And now not only my sister use this
but I'm just not sure if my parents too.  lol. 
*Now I have to be specific on this one: After going back to my blonde hair, it has been very crazy needing something to paint on my eyebrows. Although I was broke the first week of December (haha) I had a time to research what other kind of brands that offers very light shades esp for my kind of hair. I know there's limited in our country unlike in Japan or Korea (unless you're gonna bleach your brows too).

Gladly I bumped into this store where they offer every known make-up brands. And a lady recommended a shade from "IN2IT" that comes w/ a pencil for only Php420.00. Before I got Etude House very light brown shade for Php300+. And realized that the In2it brand is a bit lighter, more like golden shade better than the Etude one, plus the fact that its cheaper having both pencil and the eyebrow mascara.

It went for a week before I decided to purchase the brand in2it as soon as I got my salary. Hihi.

So here is it. Why should you buy this product:
1.) It's cheaper to think having 2 in 1
2.) It's best for blonde hair and/or you can mix it w/ a darker shade of pencil when you get your hair darker.
3.) Its long lasting
4.) It's waterproof
5.) Easy to apply and seen even w/ just 2 strokes

What's the negative side of it:
1.) When over applied it will make your eyebrows frosted.
2.) The eyebrow pencil isn't that thick when applied.
3.) The mascara is a shiny or a bit glittery. So you need to tone it down a bit esp for the guy users like me.
4.) The case outside looks full but just not sure if its as well in the inside.

And then comes to this very effective lip moisturizer. Lip balm from Maybelline. One thing that I love about it? Its not a lip gloss but it gives that rosy fresh lips at the same time it prevents your lips from cracking. I can feel like it's my best friend to french kissing. lol. 

As a guy I'm not really into make-ups but as grooming goes along my way I get to discover things to improve myself more. Trying things to make myself look better. And be able to share with you guys how good these things that I buy. :) I hope this blog would somehow be helpful and give you options when it comes to grooming. ;) So try it out and feel free to ask me questions! #wink 


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