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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just A Walk In The Park

This look reminds me of "Mori Boy", having earthy tones from head to toe. I bought a lot of shirts in Mint last season and I was thinking of how will I style it. I got my palette taste that will suit up this pastel yellow. And everything went on like in the same shades. I grabbed this large size vest that I already used once from my dad. It added up the vintage effect of the earthy tones. 

What I like about this look is that even if it has layers,  the fabric is not that heavy. The vest can be hand carried and folded if it's too hot in the afternoon.
I wore my forever versatile straw hat so at least I have something on my head. It makes me feel special when I wear this. Everybody told me it suits my hair. xD 
I bought my net shoes last year in Mogao for a very cheap price. This is the only time I wore this for Lookbook. Yay! lol. It's very comfortable and versatile for any casual outfit. Feels like wearing a ninja flat shoes because its very light but you cannot use it during rainy season for it might get ripped. xD
What I'm wearing: Basic shirt, Mint | Pants. Paporma | Strawhat, Rebel Gear | Vest, Dad's closet |
Socks and necklace, Saizen | Shoes, Mogao | Bracelets, 168
Hype this look here

How I wish there is winter and autumn here in our country and I'd surely have more layers. I have lots of style inspirations from Lookbook that I wish I can also wear here. But then its hard to style and go out in a very hot sunny day. Especially the fact that I do sweat a lot. xD

The best needs and the most comfortable tops are the basic shirts. And I always make it a point to style it with accessories.
Its like my style fixation. Even how cheap my shirt is. I consider it as a practice.
Grooming myself and challenge myself to be more creative with whatever I wear. 


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