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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013!

So how was your New Year guys? Been eating so much lately? lol. I bet you guys got a load of shopping bags too! And finally got to update your wardrobe eh? ;) Well I had a very subtle celebration of New Year, partly because I'm scared of fire crackers and I couldn't breathe with that cloud of smoke. My place went on zero visibility as the clock started hitting 12. Should I say it was the usual hardcore New Year's celebration that I expect. haha.

On the other hand, I'd like to divert the topic with shopping since thats mostly what I did before the year ended. lol. A total stress killer! lol. And so even if I already bought a new pair of shoes as a Christmas gift for myself, I still bought this pair which I was eyeing before. It's cheap but very useable incases I needed to. I promised myself to make it a point at least update my shoes once in a while when I have extra money. Especially now that I'm seeing my shoes being overused from work. I need to try more hard ones than the flats that I used to. 
I'm getting that value which I lately felt having a new pair because I'm really not into shoes.
I feel like its really important to complete a look with a really nice polished shoes. More mature looking perhaps? 
I'm not into brands thats why I buy shoes that looks best to what I wear for everyday and of course fi it would fit my budget. 
I wont say the brand anymore because maybe you probably have the same pair as well. LOL.

Its my first time to have this "Oxblood" (as a new trend they called for this shade/texture). Well I admit that its a bit hard to suit in my wardrobe. But eventually I'll get in the right shade as I research for this. ;) 

Meanwhile, in a few days we will be celebrating my friend's wedding. And I'm just so excited! I have to share with you guys some of our pictures during her Bridal Shower! That is after I get everything from Bel. xD Will keep you guys posted!


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