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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bloggers' United 3

2012's much awaited by Fashionistas specifically every bloggers,  and even to aspiring ones. The 3rd Blogger's United held at Grandview Events Place was a success. The rain wasn't a hindrance to this event as we all wore our fab looks. Pioneers and newbies were all excited to meet and greet their top bloggers and to shop in cheap finds. 

we got free Meg yey!
W/ fellow lookbooker Ranel James
W/ Paulyyy :)
Valerie Chua's lovely creations
Karl Leuterio
Finally nice meeting Aivan Magno. Been seeing him in Lookbook and few chitchats before. He's so nice! 
Camille's red shoes for sale!
Hi Cams! LOL
Divine's shoes
W/ so pretty Kryz <3
They're like sisters!
DG Manila - David Guison
Eyeing on Cheyser Pedregosa. I so love her!
Dynamic duo
Bff & my sis (always on the go! woot!)
w/ aries and shali
Shali, me and sis
The Blogger game
There you go Mark Buenaobra! <3
Crissey and my sis. I love her blog! So funny cute XD
w/ Arnie Villanueva. 2nd time to see her as well. So nice!
I was off to my feet seeing people I've been longing to see ever since these Fashion social sites started making me crazy. Though some told me that the place before was wider than it was last Saturday, people couldn't get enough but to dug on their bet inside the "sauna". LOL. Here's what I gathered...

There were a lot of girly stuffs but then guy's stuffs didn't inspired me to buy. LOL. So I dug out accessories instead. haha. Oh well there goes 2012's. Me and my sis could have went home early but then I relieved a sigh of all worth the time and effort to come for I got to see and greet other bloggers. <3 It'll be another round of a year til the next one (I think). Great to see you some of my readers/followers & friends! Til next time when I see you! ;D


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