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Sunday, June 24, 2012

NCAA Opening 2012

Me and my bestfriends attended the recent NCAA Opening 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Saturday, to support our former school Letran. After years of being a host to the NCAA, comes another chance which is one of the reasons to be proud of. Riding the LRT 2 solo was a bit difficult to me since I usually come to the game with my classmates. But I had to do it by myself since I had to meet them up at the venue itself. (I admit that LRT 2 is the most confusing rides for me here in the Philippines. lol It's because of those booths and tokens blah blah which I don't know where to buy my ticket. hihi) 

Stupid me to buy colored beverage and I was wearing all pastel so with the fuss I didn't noticed that my drink was already staining my white shirt and my pants! Clumsy me! But then diverting my attention to Letranites gave me few  moments to miss my batch. Remembering stupid old days where I could imagine how I exactly looked like wearing those College shirts. hihi. 

So upon arriving the venue ecstatically fixed myself up for the shame of someone might recognized me despite me being blonde boy. lol. Since I had no place to wait I decided to treat myself in Starbucks, (which unexpectedly not dominated by Bedans. lol) I heard that the game starts at 4pm and stupid me and my friends to be there really early! Ugh. Funny part of it was when the guard said that the ticket was already sold and that we need to stand if we really want to watch the game. But coming inside was the reversed. And after few hours the crowd went so wild like I succeeded after a year of watching the game...

Wasn't able to get a lot of shots coz I demanded to leave the game bec I was so sleepy already and bored. hihi.
We went to TriNoma after, and saw this kiosk which is one of my project (the G logo and the little murals on the sides.)
Make me so proud to see in personally. :D
Sweet 3 <3
I hate it when I wait for the girls to finish shopping >3<
Cam whoring hihi
Stumbled at these mini gallery at SM North Edsa. Super cool!
Can't help but to take a shot of these chess players who seemed to spend the whole day playing chess. hehe
And because we missed spending the night with a cup of frappes and teas.
We ended up chitchatting at Figaro.

The night was fill with a lot of good old memories during College and laughter of course talking bout love life (specifically Sha's) lol. I can't enjoy more of my Saturdays more than with anyone but them. Btw my birthday is so near that they rant me on where and when will I celebrate it. Ugh. As if I celebrate it big time. XD I'm a very private kind of celebrant. hihi. And not to mention I hate to remind myself that I'm stepping on another year of age. Yuck! LOL. I just hope that it'll be filled up with a lot of surprises and gifts. hihi.

What to wish hhmm?


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