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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It was I think the last Sunday of my sister gonna be shooting with me for Lookbook.  So poor me. She'll get back to school now. But! I'm still holding on to going out with my bffs of course and believing that they will justify photography lesson 101 during college. Ehem. LOL. But before that! I just had a complimentary ticket from my friend Amelie! Who works awesomely at Star Cinema. Cool right? Another stressful job to introduce. LOL. But anyway perks like that are must to enjoy! I got 2 for a date (supposedly haha) but the Maggie whored it out of course. LOL. So we went out on a very late afternoon with a not so great idea of riding LRT because I wore florals and I rode with people who I'm not gonna explain further hw they smell. LOL. 
What I'm wearing: Wayfarer, FLYBlack tank, FIZIJ, Superstar | Plaids, Topman | Red pants, Thrifted | Plimsolls, SM Dept | Accessories, thrifted at 168 |

I was in devastating state of oiliness that moment I was finding a loading station. LOL. How lucky was I? LOL. We ate at the usual and what do you know? Someone tweeted saying that he spotted me on the exact place! Great! LOL. So then as I fixed myself, we asked at the cinema if the tickets were valid. Unfortunately they already reached the quote! So we had no choice but to transfer to SM North. And just how hell it was that day everyone was as if on a Sprite commercial wiping sweats and helping themselves. Then I felt normal. LOL.

We indulged ourselves on frappes and teas as we waited til 10pm for the movie. Then I'm glad that it was complimentary. LOL Because I'll regret that I bought ticket that I didnt much enjoyed. hihi. 


Hype this look here

But anyways, this look was the day after. Yeah the day after I went home really late again. LOL. Plan was to shoot for LB and straight to the salon and bleach my hair. (Which will be next to this!) I feel like my blogpost are getting stuck again because of my laziness. LOL. Ineed motivation please! Well I must share that I'm quite busy with work (extra busy that is) and with ..... which I won't be mentioning. LOL. Oh well I hope you guys somehow like this checkers look hehe. 

Btw my sister told me I look like a dancer if  I'd wear a cap with this. LOL. 
Stay tune for my salon scenario!


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