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Monday, June 18, 2012

Love And Other Stuffs

I had a date and I spent a lot on stuffs and foods which was really crazy and impulsive as I can be. LOL XD I really felt so lucky to have good finds of course where else, Tutuban and 168! Nearest malls of great cheap cool finds. ;) Plus the fact that I'm so inspired with this someone. hihi. (I'll keep that private haha). Diverting to these stuffs that I dug out, (hihi) I thought that the shoes priced Php500 but when I came back to check it, it went to Php300. I almost jumped on that spot where I was holding the display. LOL. So I ecstatically went on to try it if it would look on me. hihi. And I guess it is really not bad at all for a new pair! :D

Red bow tie that I've been looking for!
cuffs! <3

Oh how I just love Mogao. Though they don't know that I keep on endorsing them. haha! I just love how my mind goes when I see some good ones in their store. Of course not all of the stuffs are at my taste but you really need to dig in to see for yourself. ;) Plus my "from time to time" visit with my favorite accessories store at 168 (which I still haven't asked the name. lol) 

Now I just need to save up to buy new set of tops because I feel like I'm running out of clothes! Ggrr..
Style inspiration pls!


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