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Monday, June 25, 2012

Forever Young

Forever Young. I wanna be forever young. That's what my style reflects. I love looking cute and wearing cute stuffs. I maximize my capability of being cute. hihi. As one of my favorite pants because it stands out from the sea of jeans. 

I have this plaid like for a long time but still wasn't able to find a look to pair with it until now. It used to have sleeves but I cut it off because it looked short on my arms. I thought I could only wear it during summer but thank God it still looks nice as a layer vest. 

What I'm wearing: Plain white V-neck, Market Market | Hooded plaids, D.I.Y., Japan |
Pants, Jewel | Belt, thrifted, 168 | Necklace, Bazaar | Aztec socks, Baguio | Flats, SM Dept |
Watch, Saizen | Beads, thrifted | White suede, 168 | Cat ring, Bazaar | Rucksack, Thrifted
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This rucksack is my sister's actually hihi We switched bags. Mine is pale pink. Weird huh? LOL. Luckily we bought the two for only Php200.00! hoho. I'm not a backpack guy though I think it looks too cute to use. hihi. While the other one, hhmm I still don't know what look to air with it. LOL. I hope it rains already because I'm having a hard time with shooting my looks. ;( Sorry guys but I really like rain, water etc because it relaxes me from stress and headache. I just don't know if it has something to do with me being a Cancerian or with my mood swings. XDDD


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