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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unbearable Part II

Like I think it was time to root my hair because I already looked so dirty with that black hair showing the roots.  After the shoot by my sister, we headed straight to the salon where we use to execute vanity in very friendly price. It felt like the first but gladly I had my camera with me and my sister to take some photo compilation of this retransformation. 

One thing that I thought, that my maximum endurance reaches only 100% (bleaching my hair) but I felt like I've reached 200% boiling point on enduring the pain. I almost cried guys (seriously). lol The pain was unbelievably unbearable! Yes beauty is pain and this is one of those. lol. 

P.S.: I forgot to trim my hair that's why it's pissing thick now. Thanks to the typhoon for the cold weather these days. Or else I'm soaking wet underneath this corn hair.

Cheers to the blondes!


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