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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Another shot from Ronac Art Gallery by my sister. It was hard to chase the sun light but still unbelievably I got my ways to improve the photos. hihi Cheers to that. I was supposed to post with intervals but I already lack reserved look photos to post. lol. So It's nothing special but I got inspired by some guy across the street with black and brown scheme. And tried my pair. It was one of those days that you try ur stuffs because you saw someone confidently flaunting their style on the street. :) 
What I'm wearing: Basic V-neck, Top and Bottom | Carrot pants, Paporma |
Socks, Bench | High tops, Japan | Suede bracelets, F&H | Rosary, Beads & Gold platted one, Thrifted @ 168 

Frankly I don't wear black often as you observe. For the basillion times it because I sweat a lot. Black just absorb a lot o f heat, that's why I took the opportunity to shoot this look as much as the weather allowed me too last week. :)
Hype this look here
On the other side. This coming weekend my bffs Maggie and Sharmaine consistently ask me to come with them in the opening of NCAA. Yeah I miss it too but that is if my budget allows me to. LOL. Anywhoo! I need to post more look before I trim my hair! Gahhdd.. X( Like I just extended it because there was a typhoon these days and it's already gone! I think that my hair was just so effortlessly pretty (until now that the sun is up again haha!). But one thing is important to mention here. That is to balance things up and making right decision. haha. I'll leave it as a tease. ;) 

So till next post guys! I'll take a shot of what I bought last Sunday. gggrrr.. hihi.. 

Be inspired!

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