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Sunday, May 13, 2012

ĆÍŤŔÜŜ º>ω<º

    It's been awhile since I last updated my LB, and I feel uninspired nowadays prolly because of my craziness with this coming PFW. Me and my friend Aries have been so excited for it and making "pamudmod" of emails to designers to get passes. LOL. Like I still haven't decide what to wear for my 2 days sure passes. In panic mode last weekend. As I dug out y closet I found out that I have tons of white shirts! Ok I know that Spring-Summer is my season but I dumb founded myself needing more clothes falling to other seasons aside SS. :<

    So until further selection I'm posting this pending look sketched in my scheduler dress. This is one of my new fave friendly pants! Say hello cherry blossom! *u* I feel so fresh with these pants that I bought in a thrift shop on my way home. Definitely one asset to my collection of colored pants! <3 I bought a new shirt in ARTWORK as for my daily look at work. Simply cheap but chic and cute! <3
What I'm wearing: Shirt, ARTWORK | Pink pants, Thrifted |  White belt, 168 | Socks, Bench | Plimsolls, SM Dept. |
For some reason of ranning out of inspiration I ended up browsing Camille Co's looks as well as Tricia. As I knew they're the girls of Pastel! (And of course I wanna be the man of it! Agree? lol) There is no look better than being clean and fresh that stands out.

White Fauxe Hermes, 168 | Beads, Thrifted | White suede, SM Accessories | Cat ring, Bazaar | Watch, Saizen | Bands, Thrifted | Mustache connector ring, Thrifted |
Hype this look here

After throwing 4 consecutive edgy looks with my blonde hair, I think it's time to shift back to my sweet Kprep look! I just love seeing my looks in varieties! And I guess part of it is surprising LB people. As some knows that I don't stick to one look, I hope this is one of the look you'd like. Sweet slash citrusy ;)


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