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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Just Can't Get Enough

    Been busy for the past days because me and my college friends had a reunion. Which I will be sharing with you after I edit the photos. Unfortunately blogs to be posted are still in pending mode because my desktop at home is having tantrums again. Like I'm no techy guy. LOL So to kill the stress I just don't mind those stress and just being passive bout my life right now. LOL Positivity right?

    So since I cannot find the last set of my model Angela in my usb and/or file folders, I'll be sharing with you guys what I bought last week. The result of my boredom I guess (shopping). LOL 
As I went home I dropped by again at Saizen in Robinsons Galleria to check out something new. And I found a set of earplug foams which I really need for my mp3 player. I walways lost my foams and ironically player brands don't sell anything like this! So glad to have a set! (I'm using the red one while my dad asked for the black set.) Now I appreciate more what I listen with it!
I bought a new yellow watch because last last week (I think) I broke my good old yellow cutie watch and it is the most versatile with my prep looks. I don't actually use the watch mainly because of the time but as an accessories. XD
And last last weekend I impulse bought these new tanks! Because since it was all cheap I thought of now repeating looks with my tanks. XD So arte me. LOL. Now I have 2 new different tanks for diffrent looks!
Sweet x Edgy
    I wish I could fix things up already like my desktop and my cam fone. X( So I'd have less problems now. If not It'd be hard for me to update my blog as soon as I can and just go out more often or shop. LOL. I'll do my best guys! <3 And oh this week is Philippine Fashion Week. Darn it. I'll have tons to share with you guys! Hope to see some of you there my consistent readers! ;)


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