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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HOT/TOP looks, by hype + freshness = Thumbs Up!

    A friend just buzzed me out of the blue saying congratulations that I'm now showing on the TOP list of Lookbookers (which for me has already a huge impact in my heart). I was never used to it. As I used to say to myself that I'm just plain ordinary cheap blogger. Well, I've come to realized that nowadays I'm already caring little less with my LB, with how things go by. I do my thing and it's up for the people to appreciate it. Reviewing this, made me realized that "Hey, they are actually liking every single of it." Which is a surprise. So then the question is: "Is it that being spontaneous is the best way to show an effortless look?" Well I bet it is about enjoyment. And that fact that you don't care what you wear as long as you feel sooo good about it!

So glad to see be one of the top

    Indeed one of the great thIngs in life is to feel your goals is coming right in front of you. You feel de-stresed whenever opportunity comes or just even after hearing a good news. With my passion for fashion, I'm very grateful to see good results with such consistency that I'm giving. It's for myself, what I love to do, what I'm inclined with ever since. I have a lot of dreams and I believe I'm making baby steps with those dreams. I'm keeping my eyes on the goals. As I also wanna bring Pinoy pride to the country! ;)

Cheers to that!


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