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Monday, May 28, 2012

PFW Holiday 2012: Premiere B collection

My first day for Philippine Fashion Week (Since I work every weekdays) this one is what I couldn't afford to missed! My invite for Premiere B Kermit Tesoro. I was ecstatically excited on my way home (knowing that he designs now for Lady Gaga) as I left work half day (of course I needed to lie to have it approved. LOL)

When the clock stroke at 7pm me and my sister already had our own businesses, preparing for the show. But leaving the house came with a terrible dilemma. It was with my sister's shoes! It was rippin' like Kermit's heelless ones! LOL. It was so stressful that moment. But it was all worth to see the most stylish people in the country, coming with icons, designers, models and whatnot that builds everyone's passion in the Fashion Industry. Here's what I got from that night, (Pls spare some blurred shots as it had been so crazy! XD)
Mr. Tough guy
W/ Mama Rene
Those cheek bones <3 Ria Bolivar
Sir Rxandy Capinpin! So nice! <3 his photography!
Sis & Ms Mother D (as what my sis calls her XD)
With Sir Andre blonde <3
Tessa Prieto
My sis w/ Andre
Ms Daryl Chang <3
With Aries
Danica Magpantay
With Jeff
My edgy Fashion buddies

Will be posting my day 2 at PFW


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