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Thursday, May 3, 2012


So to save my Lookbook from hiatus mode, I'll be sharing a new look called "Neon Explosion"which was during my shoot with my sister. I still haven't edited her looks yet (sorry sis). LOL. It's because my schedule had been very tricky. And I prefer to go out than to be bum editing photos alone. LOL.

So! I must say that I'm loving very bright hues pieces to give a more noticeable feeling. Especially that it's summer, you cannot afford to walk around in dark hues as the heat will just absorb your shirt. This look is one of those contemporary American casual relaxed look.

I just made sure to have it very well put together before showing you guys. Not to mention my shoes was my dad's and it was altered because it used to be all worn-out. Now, I got cool boat shoes. yey! 

Shades, FLY eyewear | Necklace, Oxygen | Bag, Salvatore Mann | 

What I'm wearing: Neon shirt, Top and Bottom | Navy blue pants, Paporma | Boat shoes,  My dad's Belt, My sister's | Cardigan, Paporma

Platted khaki bracelet, Landmark | White beads, Thrifted | Grey studded suede, 168 | Bird ring, 168 | Neon watch, Saizen
Hype this look here

I was so busy this whole damn week and you guys know that. I'm very inclined with photoshoots more often. It's great to build up your portfolio at the same time kill the time and make yourself very productive in a way you can enjoy with friends. I'm just so excited and glad tht I'm booked every weekend with these stuffs. I feel so diverted. LOL.

P.S.: My hair is growing backto it's natural black hair. huhu any suggestions?
Should I keep it blonde? or Get back my brown hair?
Being blonde is a very high maintenance! X(

I'll keep you guys posted with my shoots!

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