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Monday, May 14, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

    Preparing my skin because of this intnse summer as I fingers crossed for our outing (hopefully this coming weekend). Since the weather is so unpredictable, I badly need my sun blocks. So I immediately contacted my dema to order some of what I will need. I can't afford to lose my skin tone. :< Plus the fact that my Doctor kept on reminding me to use sunblock to avoid skin damage. XD

SPF 60 for my face | Retenoic acid for dark spots | Salicylic Acid anti pimples a.k.a. "forever young cream" | Sunblock for my body

Ibelieve in you SPF60!

This will definitely save my skin on Saturday!
I can't believe that it turned out to be nice even if I only used my camera phone for those frappes!

    Nothing much happened with my Saturday. I just had these essentials to share how self-proclaimed vain I am. And how me my bff Maggie kill stress. "Indeed vanity is my sin". She treated me frappe because I forced her. LOL Kiddin' Then I was making fun of her saying "thank you + happy mother's day" LOL XD Meanie me! XD We were so stresed bout our works thats why we go out at least in the our nearest mall. I'm happy that whenever we see each other we laugh our asses off our stress and just fades away. :3

    So for my updates. I'm fully sched for the whole weekend of the month so I still need to think how will I squeeze in my shoot for my LB. XD Need to update it at least once a week! Hopefully I won't end up being broke by the end of the month. LOL..


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