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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Last Summer Getaway

    Finally! The moment that me and my friends had all been waiting for! Like we need it often as possible to de-stressed ourselves from work and the busy life in Manila. It's as if the last time members though hehe.

    It was scorching hot that afternoon so I decided to wear my mesh leopard tank and black shorts. I felt like I was a melting ice cream on my way to our meeting place (
on time of course), I already expected that my b*tches would be so damn late as usual! LOL So even if I was so hungry I couldn't leave my things at the table. Upon the long wait there came the strong rain and I was like WTF that moment wishing it would stop. We hit the road (a very muddy road that is) and with the power of the wind during the ride we had our facial scrubs rock salty and eeky! LOL XD

    It was too bad that I didn't brought any cover-ups so I ended up looking like a chillin' lizard with leopard skin. That was so epic to start the weekend vacation. But the thought during the ride is really about the escape and sound of that rural areas we passed by was really unwinding to me. :) Bulacan is really at peace whether rain or shine. <3 Because of the rain we were lost for a short period of time but we finally got our way to Father's house. We felt so awfully dirty that moment and tired too. So we chitchatted first about what to bring to the resort as I connected to their wifi. hihi. I kept on ranting Maggie about what time will we go to the resort because I feared that it would still be raining till we get there. :<

 We hit our way to the resort around 7pm in the evening. 4K Garden Resort is at Catmon Sta. Maria Bulacan. Thanks to my friend Maggie for setting this up, as she told us that the resort is just enough to get a deep for summer.
I miss ma baby !
See the first 2 of my fave contact list?
hunger management lol
My first time to try Chooks-to-go
My chameleon hair is yellow here!
Belle treated us Donuts! XD
I read this as Satan

    We got to Father's house around 3:30am in the morning and I slept at around 4am. I only had 2hrs of sleep and after, we took our breakfast. I didn't miss the chance to shoot my look photo courtesy of Belle. (Which I will be posting next to this.) If only we could stay at the resort forever or have outing every weekends if possible, I will definitely commit! It is just so relieving to get away from your daily stress. And of course I do hope that more colleagues would come as well so it'd be more fun like we miss the rest!

P.S.: I decided not to put my stamp so that they could grab it here, and to read my blogs as well (I hope). ;'p


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