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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Towards The Sun

This is the first set of our photoshoot with our model in the making Angela. Fortunately I brought this outfit as for her extra look but then it turned out to be that we lacked in variety with outfits as we failed in communication a bit. LOL So basically almost everything that she wore here are mine. LOL. I'm glad though I had to style her as well and not just simply be her photographer. My season has always been Spring-summer so I'm best of these styles. While for the other 2 sets, I let my 2 friends, Maggie and Sharmaine do their thing.

One important advice to make everything easy for you guys when you want to do some photoshoots with your friends: Always start at the basics. Start at conceptualizing. That is the basic foundation of your photoshoot. Because you'll see everything will just follow, from the make-up, outfits, locations and whatnot. You also need to consider the availability of the location. There will always be a bit of change of plans in any aspect because not everything will follow your plan.

This shoot is one of my front faves and hopefully will be soon followed by a guy version of it. Fingers Crossed!

Photographer: Zirjaye Santos
Make-Up Artist: Maggie Roque
Model: Angela

Will keep you posted guys!


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