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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BTS: Fairytales Do Come True

    It was Friday and I got pulled by Jaro for a shoot that he asked me to be his stylist, I already said that I need to save-up for our Baguio trip on the 9th of March but then he insisted that our model Gael, so that was a wow! So I guess it's an addition to my portfolio especially as a stylist and not as a photographer. But of course unexpectedly real shit happens with my work. I received a fucking Jollibee merch that I made me sooooo freakin' pissed because I was #1 I was carrying my entire wardrobe (almost) for a shoot, #2 I was planning not to come at work that morning, #3 it was the 1st time to see Bunny's friends and they waited for me from 6:30-11-ish. Like dafuq of ashame for keeping them waiting! X( SOOO NOT GOOD!

Skipping that shit scenario: After keeping Borgy waiting for me in the Mini stop along the streets of confusing Ortigas (because Jaro told me to join with him since his shift ends up by 10pm) we were both in Mini stop but in different spots. Just so funny with what happened in between. XD --> We rode a bus head to TriNoma to meet the rest and of course apologize for the long patience they spared.

It was just kinda awkward inside Gael's car because they kept on listening to Korean songs while I was trying to rest because I'm s drained that moment.

 The next morning we ate breakfast and prepared ourselves for the shoot. I got to scattered everything on the place to pick up pieces that will embellish the Fairy theme we were supposed to be planning. I needed to be the Make-up artist in an instant and tried to apply what my sister does. And I just thought it's beyond me being an artist! But it was a success! XD LOL

 Success! XD
 Tin is preparing herself from her quick shoot with Jaro, while Borgy seems to look odd at the back. XD
 She just reminds me of some ***** that I'd rather not to mention. LOL XD

 Great production = whole lot of mess.

I improvised a reflector using glass frames to highlight Gael's face because it was sinking from dims and shadows.
 All hot and dusty we set an effort for the production and I look epic shit as a stylist slash muchacho. LOL. While waiting for Jaro x Tin shoot I thought of squeezing in some shots for my portfolio with Borgy as my model. That's a plus and he was pleased to help as well. Thanks Borg!
 If it werent for my portfolio, I wouldn't pose myself here looking like a rugged doll! XD ROFL.

 Heat - hot
 ....and I also handed Gael some poses that I acquire when I pose as a model.
woot! hot biceps XD LOL
 Androgynously sexy!
The feet that hurts. That dedicates. That will travel a long way. Bow!
 Maximizing the spots I also served as the Art Director and Location Manager to make that "fantasy" come true. There were a lot of twigs, tall grasses, mountains on a partly drought landscape that reminded me of Folded and Hung's Summer collection last year as styled by Andre Chang. It was just so epic to shoot there! I felt it's a slam as a solely stylist and as Andre's counterpart. Yay! XD

Last props was popped both hands by Gael's sexy execution for that smoky effect. Then Jaro called it a wrapped under the scorching heat of the sun and safari ambiance along with quirky Tin's Japanese school girl outfit which is sooo cute! We closed it up with a BTS video that is so effin fierce and funny! XD Ooh I'm just so excited to see everything! Hoho! XD




  • February 29, 2012 at 8:21 AM

    this blog post got me all excited about how the final photos would look like! Which reminds me, I haven't even started editing 'em. I've to beat the deadline soon! XDD yaaaay~ <3

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