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Monday, February 13, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela: Rings

Being a fashion blogger lets me discover famous and not so famous designers all over the world. Reviewing a designer from Paris is Maison Martin Margiela who I stupidly didn't know is existing the top runways and workin' coutures and whatnot that made a name in the bizz. Not to mention his ever stunning accessories especially what I'm featuring now are these oh so awesome rings, which I've fond to put on my dream list. Margiela worked at Paul Gaultier before launching his label in 1988. Firstly launching women swear label then followed the men's 10 years after. Ever since, the collection have seemed to push, strain, and in some cases rip apart and beat up the very definition of clothing. Ironically celebrating success, the man behind the line has slipped farther from the spotlight and eventually disappearing behind the entire label. Mysteriously man himself makes his line more interesting but with the help of the Maison team which consist of 71 employees located in Paris, the combined art and fashion where to continue as discussed and leaded by the successor Joseph Kosuth if they were "architects".


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