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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jaroventures x TLP

Remember that I did a collab with a designer Denise, and I took her look photos for her anniversary featuring my sister? This time I did some collaboration a new found Lookbooker BFF Jarokun (as what I call him because he's partly dragon partly monster ROFL XD)! He's maamo naman sometimes! XD Anywhoooo! After some instance of bumping in some social nets we founded ourselves talking about tons of topics and its just awesome that we have a lot of in common which ended up in a Photographer x Photographer collab (and counting lot of plans)! Yey! I was so excited to meet this quirky fella! We never ran out of ideas and topics! I think I'm gonna have a exciting offs with this guy as I told him. XD Been reading blogs of each other, talking dose of funny stuffs and noted a lot of important topics to discuss and errands, including our itineraries and questions for our interview. XD Not to mention that we used to be acquaintance by some guy. LOL. K . must stop here before get busted. XD

ANd just before I forgot to take a set photos of these things I will bring upon meeting him! 
Mentioning a gift because he went another year step, so I gave him his chocolate pavorito y reloj XD I bought in Saizen (a Japanese store). This whole Jpop is viral as he quoted. XD

We decided to eat at Tokyo Tokyo making this meet up so realistic. <3 I was so excited talking and showing a lot of stuffs to him like I ignore the people especially the service crew in Tokyo XD 

I didn't know that my sketches are good enough to show XD I tend to forget my looks that's why I draw them in my mini Scheduler Dress, which Jarokun told me the graphic looks like my look. XD *thumbs-up LOL.
miss this!
Looks good on him! <3 safe color = blue ★★★

Hope he liked it XD

Pout moment fuuu... ~3~

Funny: I kept on pulling Jarokun off the stall of axxs (term for accessories coz me tired txting/typing it XD) after I LUCKILY haha bought a crown ring which best signifies me as The Little Prince.  >ω<

He just kept on stalking :/
I don't think I can still elaborate our itinerary that day because of the scorching heat of the aftie XD I'm afraid to get burnt, so thank u Fully Booked and Muji☀ x.x ☂

Quick snap XD
Tired feet. :<
woot! My crown ring! Lucky me! 
Walking around I found myself unconsciously spotting some fashionistas and taking photos while Jaro mentioned that he's glad to found a photog who can do his Xing Project (It's composed of photographer spotting fashionistas on the streets and be featured in their site for acknowledging their sense of style.)
While Jaro did the talking I did the clicking XD
couple #1 for Xing's Valentine edition

couple #2 for Xing

Bunny in a hole. :3
We're bitching out fashion bloggers with their signature poses. XD Now guess whose pose is this? XD ROFL
This City <3

This is the "awkward bus" why? Its because you don't know where to look at
during the ride cos ur facing each other. FUU~ XD
You should guys expect more of this tired feet photos because there'll be a lot to come. XD ROFL. I dunt cur whatcha think oma feet bec I'm tired! Get it? <Nigga tone> FUU~ XD ROFL... Oh guys it's an overnight shoot btw, because I have no plans for the next day! ;D Imagine 2 days ofcam-whoring? EPIC! Travelling for LB? EPIC! XD Anywhooo!!! So we went straight to Jaro's place in Bulacan riding a bus and I was fweakin' excited to travel that night though I'm not used to it. LOL It makes me feel excited bout our Jaroventures in Baguio! HOHO Tune in for that! XD And the night was called because of his mom's issues regarding sleeping together and whatnot that totally end up an EPIC story to remember. ROFL. XD

P.S.: E-mail me for the complete details of that EPIC endingXD


2 comments to “Jaroventures x TLP”

  • February 19, 2012 at 3:11 AM

    XD adik ka "zee-jaye" ROFL u srsly mentioned 'bout the issue with mom XDDDD HAHAHA!

  • February 25, 2012 at 5:57 PM
    Denise says:

    hey zirjye you know Bianca Ramos too? she's my college barkada! :) what a small world! :)

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