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Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Life

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I know you are familiar with the song “Good Life” by the One Republic. It partly inspired me to have this look. This look crosses between British and Asian. The hot weather here in the Philippines allow u to explore beyond button downs and shirts that are as expected paired with blazers. But I experimented and used tank top with bold stripes. It’s complimenting, because the blazer breaks the line. And pairing it with a subtle pants gives the correct path of style. Very crisp and subtle look. I believe it’s very contemporary down town look. Always on the go. 

You can go out on a hot sunny day in tanks and enter the lounge with your smooth blazer. Definitely one of the looks that will pop on my mind whenever I think of chic and relax. When it comes to accessorizing, I keep it aligned. Example is if I desired to wear something silver and black, I’d make sure it will come from that. Fine pieces always come along together for some chic look while those colorful bands that I use are as well goes with the others as well for a Pop look.

Oh I just love this blazer. In hand is my confidence and comfort, sure I wont get wrong with it. I don’t have that expensive shoes and I want to impose that it isn’t all about shoes. It is the whole look that creates an impression. That partly defines you and your taste. That’s why I love hearing comments that they are surprised with my kind of style pairing cheap finds and still keeping it elegant as one. Another thing, is invest, invest invest. I invest on accessories. And I get a tap on the back after completing a look with my treasured accessories. It just brings up my look.

What I'm wearing: Blazer, Commes de Garcon | Tank top, MOGAO | Grey Pants, Paporma | Flats, Advan, SM Dept. | Rosary, thrifted | Feather ethnic necklace, Folded & Hung | Black suede with silver plate, Landmark | Black & White Beads, thrifted | Feather bracelet, Folded & Hung | Gold Hermes bracelet, Tickles

[photo credit: my lovely awesome sister]


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