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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Denim Boy

Just an F.Y.I. For you guys I have this PPS which means Prolonged Pissed Syndrome (it's just a term I made for myself to be better understood by some), which when I get pissed off I tend to engaged on a certain bad feeling for too long that the only cure is #1 sweetness (not food!) #2 give me space. In short term you may consider this as Tantrums or one of my temporary insanities! Call me brat I don't care. At least I'm upfront to my worst side. Any-who, earlier I told you guys about how pissed I was with my career as a Graphic Artist. It just keeps getting on my nerves. As much as possible I put a very fine line between my work as a G.A. And my passion in Fashion. 

Going back to that PPS I'm saying. I'm the type who's very angelic and the sweetest guy you'll meet (Best describe as a puppy). But once you whore me out, show a devil and throw some attitude which I already have, I won't stand a chance and take my actions with it!(I turn into a beast.) If karma doesn't occur, I make Karma!
So I stayed for an extended vacation at Jaro's and didn't want to be bothered at anyone. It's like my mind if close but to relax and max out my time there. We separate ways in Greenbelt that day, while the rest headed home, me and Jaro took the opportunity to squeeze some of our look photos.

 This is how I wear myself as a photographer. Light pieces so I could move freely but never leaves without accessories. Redundantly I wore my camera necklace to draw my message in this look.

 Gold stud suede, thrifted @ I68 | Cross connector ring, Bazaar | Volt ring, Rebel Gear | Moss green suede, ARTWORK | White wrapping suede, Oxygen | Black beads, Thrifted | Gold Connector ring, Muradito | Silver stud ring, Oxygen |

I love the background here. I'll take it as a peg for my future looks!
 Feels San Franc here \m/
 Camera necklace, Rebel Gear | Long chain, WADE

 I feel twigged with this look especially with my short shorts as it emphasize my legs (which I semi-hate).
 Thank you Bunny! <3

Everything seemed to feel so lame that I felt I need to have a long rest. I was just kinda tired of walking around plus not enough sleep since the day before. So as I was not feeling myself after shoot we ate in Mcdo while waiting for his mom to pick us up.

It was Sunday, and I think this was my first time to come in Glorietta on a family day. Oh well, seeing Jaro, his mom and lil bro makes me feel at home as well. Kinda like a new home for me. I'll be going back and forth with them, so I'm kinda hitting his mom some chitchats for them to know me. Then along our drowsy way home we slam ourselves on the bed, rest for a while and prepared ourselves for a quick deep in the pool. (Which I will share to you guys after this blog.)
What I'm wearing: Denim Vest, Thrifted | Tank, My brother's | Black Shorts, Unknown brand in Tutuban  | Black flats, SM Dept   


  • February 29, 2012 at 5:25 PM
    Czar Ian says:

    Haha. Nice weekend. Jaro is really nice. :)

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