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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr. Complicated a.k.a. Mr. No Pressure

If you guys noticed with my previous blogposts, that I'm quite busy with my offs and been going back an forth to places catering fashion and more fun. It's because I'm openly sharing that I'm soo happy with what I have right now. I found myself satisfied with what I have which I didn't expect will happen at the first place. I was not expecting that things are falling on to right places. My desired, my dream, but as what I said it was partly handed right in front of me. Like my new Sun sim card. I refused. T.T But I ended up exchanging endless conversations using it.

Now yesterday was the first time I loaded this up to which I realized "Hey you Mr. Complicated! You are using SUN sim now! Can't you remember what you said to yourself before? You ought to only buy a new Sun sim when you're already focusing on 1 person! Of course especially when you're already in a relationship! Duh? <rolling eyes>" OK. That one I rememeber. T.T I JUST SIMPLY HAVE IT WITHOUT ASKING OR BEGGING FOR IT! (Like I used to insist before) X]

I actually don't have any plans of sharing my number til everything worked out and that I'm really really sure of committing myself to consider this as my forever sim...

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