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Sunday, February 19, 2012


THE LOOK: I decided to wear this special outfit upon meeting Jaro. This whole lot of Jpop and Kpop thing is such an influence! XD Aside from all the colors that gives live to my looks, I have some edge in a more light mode than wearing black hues and monotones. Probably one word that best describe is a "hardworking" look. Heavy duty in a more stylish way a man could wear! I've said enough of those black combat boots, bad boys must set aside and putting vibe in a look that has a new taste. I guess I wanna say is that the trend of today is getting more a "xerox copy" that you already don't know who's original. Well style comes with a choice, taste and originality.I guess I'd stick to what I can do and twist what I must. I keeping my fingers upon inspiring others to have their own sense of style and be known for that!

What I'm wearing: Cropped cap, Dsquared | Specs, Mint | White tee, ARTWORK | Belt & watch, Saizen | Acid washed, Dsquared | Plaids button down, MOGAO | Fox tail, Jaro | Hiking boots, Red Skin

[ Photos by: Jaro Furosaki ]

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  • February 21, 2012 at 1:34 AM

    i love your look! this is so refreshing. and you really do look korean!

    Love your blog!

    from your newest follower,

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