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Monday, February 20, 2012

STYLEPHILE: Jaro Furosaki

The new world defines celebrity not only as seen on televisions, but better to take noticed that the young talents of today's generation are coming off from social networking sites creating noise and growing big on their own. As with regards of own skill that people keeps on proving their thing I have encountered a Fashion photographer who I considered one of my alter egos in the Fashion World. From Jaro to every blogs, he had been through many places at an early age and already established connections with his Japanese community as well as in the fashion industry. It's just infinite getting to know this guy. Limitless discussions regarding fashion and whatnot, I'm considering him as one of the 'must' to be known. if you guys remember my post earlier Jaroventures x TLP. I listed
down questions to better know my new fella. Getting to know 101:

1. What is your full name? 
Mark Jaro F. Necesito

2. What do you really do? And what made you decide to pursue it?
I want to ace fashion photography and I've been practicing it since 2008. I was deprived on handling a camera when I was an 8 year old. I always wanted to handle and learn how to use that little clicking machine now that my dad gave me the opportunity to use a camera, I want to pursue everything that I have been wanting to do when I was an 8 year old.

3. Notable Achievements?
I've been featured in Stella magazine for XING Street Fashion Project. I've done numerous TV interviews regarding my fashion and my photography in Sky Cable Baguio's Mountain View. And the most memorable one is when I showcased my design for three priceless fashion shows in Baguio City.

4. How did you get into Fashion?
Fashion got interesting when I reached fourth year highschool. My friends gave me a make-over that would reflect my financial status so they decided to turn me all conyo from rags! LOL! So with my own expenses, they decided to hoard all the fashion boutiques in Glorietta and seeing my friends giving me a fashion makeover got me all inspired to research, live, and breathe fashion.

5. Describe your style.
I have recently penned my style since when someone asks me about what my style is called, I just tell them that I wear whatever it is that I feel like wearing. Now I call my personal style, preppy goth. Kinda like pop-punk when converted into music. I maintain my quirkiness even if the whole ensemble mirrors death and darkness. I hope this would stop people from calling my style J-fashion or KPOP and the most vexing of them all...cosplay.

6. Describe yourself in a way you can never imagine.
MILK TEA!!!!!!! I'm two in a body of one?? ROFL!

7. Who and what are your greatest influences?
John Galliano is a big influence for me when it comes to fashion alongside Vivienne Westwood, Tim Burton, and most especially, Lady GaGa. I salute these people for being so brave and never afraid of being grotesque and morbidly beautiful. I embrace the negativity as it is and learn how to turn them sanguine which I've learned from these famous icons that I adore so much.

8. In 5 easy steps or less how do you create/think of a look for a day?
First...I organize everything on my closet, from types, colors and tops to bottoms.
Second...I try 'em out at night so I can prepare it by tomorrow (if I'm I'll be running out of time from leaving early)
Third...if not then I'll spend 30 minutes mix-n-matching in front of a full body mirror or spending my time browsing and fashion sites. once I'm all set
Fourth...I pick the shoes and accessories to match what I'm wearing. Styling!
Fifth...I make sure that every color matches another. I don't like wearing something that would leave alone one color, there should always be two so a color won't be outcasted. XDDDD

9. What do you think about the fashion scene in Manila? What do you love and hate the most where you live?
Lately, fashion and trendsetters have been so active, special thanks to Phil. Fashion Week and Lookbook! There's been countless fashion tribes now in Manila unlike before, you can only categorize people into three (generic, conyo, and kikay girls who follow Jolina Magdangal's every effin' look). I love the Philippines, international brands have been saving us from travelling out of the country just to get our favorite brands. We now have Forever21, Hermes, Payless, TOPSHOP and the upcoming UNIQLO from Tokyo! What I hate about the country is its tropical climate. But there's a cold-cold place where fashionistas can always run to, BAGUIO CITY!

10. What gives you goosebumps?
The most happiest people gives me goosebumps. I think they're very lunatic and uncontrollable when doing something bad. XD I'm a very morbid person to have goosebumps on something scary. : |

11. Where do you shop? 
Most of the time, I do all my shopping in department stores and boutiques. I also frequent the thrift store once a month or even twice if my wallet feels lucky. I'm not a big fan of brands.

12. Why did you set-up a blog? 
I made myself a blog as an online journal where I keep a log of my past, present and future. I love to share people how interesting my life is in words and photos and blogging is also my pick-upper.

13. Who takes your photos?
I don't have someone who takes my photos but usually they are my friends. I do wish to have a hangout buddy who would take photos of me and my travels. ^^ But I think I have one already ROFL! As a photographer, I'm always the one behind the camera. haha!

BAG PHILOSOPHY: I'm more of a backpacker and I love lugging around duffel bags on my shoulder

UNIFORM: Anything that's collared and short-sleeved would be my everyday look + I use to pair it with shorts but now I'm used to wearing denim jeans and cargo pants when I'm too lazy.

FAVORITE ITEMS: My timberland hiking boots and my metallic grey painted leather boots. These two are my most used, check out my lookbook as proof! LOL!

SHOE PHILOSOPHY: I love boots more than sneakers but if I were to have sneakers as a last resort, I'd get myself Supra's!

COLLECTION: I collect...headgears! Not just hats but anything that I can fit on top of my head. :3

I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT...a grape soda. :O

I'M CRAZY ABOUT...milktea!!!!!! *rage*

UNIQUE PIECES I HAVE: I love to edit my clothes when it gets boring and old, those that I reconstruct are my unique pieces.

MOTTO/MANTRA: "Age is just a number that counts the year you've been living."


Jaro Furosaki
Graphic Designer / Fashion Photographer

I hope I'll have more stylephiles to be featured in my blogs!



  • February 20, 2012 at 2:32 AM

    AWESOME! I'm in love with your photoshop skills especially how you edited my photos. <3 Thank youuuuu : ]

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