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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Avengers Tumbler Winner!

The winner of my First Blog Giveaway as per hosted by is Mr. Czar Ian R. Agbayani! He will be receiving 2 of the tumblers I posted via LBC. Because as much as I would want to meet up Czar have dinner and buy the other red tumbler for him (because the red one is missing on my desk just now like I dont know who took it.), he lives in Zamboanga city. :) You will still expect 2 Avengers Tumblers Czar! Thank you so much for joing my blog giveaway and being a supportive friend! Though I only had 3 entries, I think I'm still looking at the brighter side of having at least 3 than no entry at all. :)

BV everyone! 
Let's all enjoy our weekend!
Let's enjoy our Weekend!

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