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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ŚρìĸĘ βε ωιτh ϒôÚ

    The sun is striking so I got all my tanks in line. As a person who sweats like a pig (present! haha!) I couldn't wear to much layers now that it's so summer! I feel like so pop-rock with this look. But thanks to Ly-ar for lending me his designs and the cap is one of them. I'll be using his designs on my shoot  with Jeff and probably with Aries as well (fella Lookbookers).  You have to check his designs other than this, and personally I experienced how it show stops in the crowd. haha! It's one of the coolest things I wore.

    As posted earlier, we visited Lucky Chnatown Mall that resides in Binondo and as we roamed around, I'm glad that there were only few people there as it just recently opened. Not to mention the parking lot is now one of my great spots for my look photos. lol.

 What I'm wearing: Salmon tank, MOGAO | Carrot pants, Paporma | Flats, SM Dept. |
 Watch, Saizen | Suede, ARTWORK | Sling Bag, Thrifted Baguio

Hype this look here

Spiked cap, Ly-ar Martinez | Skull necklace, Thrifted, 168 | Aviator, ICON Eyewear | Bands, Bazaars |

    Finally, after bleaching my hair blonde, a look photo to look at! :D I must get a whole bunch of look photos before my natural hair comes out! LOL. So you will be expecting me posting blogs and look photos more often than not this summer. XD. I hope that the intense heat would be lessened though, because I'm having a hard time keeping it fresh like usual. If not, I'll wear off my tanks consistently. LOL.

Til' next look guys!
Will be posting my shoot with my sister!
It's a whole lot of rock. ;D

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