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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lucky Chinatown Mall in the Heart of Binondo

    It was Sunday and I was so stoked to check out this new very "Ayala mall" of Binondo as my sister shared with me. The first thing that came in to my mind was I got a new "tambayan" and a new place for my look photos. So after the mass me we headed straight at the back of 168 where my sister led us to where Lucky Chinatown mall is. I was really glad to pass by malls that is really near to my place, where I always buy my things in affordable price.

    Passing along 999 mall and City Square Palace, I was really amused to see a replicate Ayala mall behind malls of 168 and whatnot. It was cold upon entering Lucky Chinatown, where Breadtalk approached us. From afar you will see that there are still lots of stores yet to be opened. And namely most of them were what you will expect in Greenbelt.

 The facilities were very clean and the directions are very clear as seen in airports. Inside, you wouldn't feel you are in a residing area of Binondo near Divisoria.

 Aside from the food court area there were no McDonalds, no Jollibee, Greenwich, only KFC which we thought was just recently opened. Best part is that there is already a cinema where it looks so convenient and very secluded. Hhmm I bet this would be a great option for a movie date. LOL.

I've never felt so complete after having a long quality time with my family. Eating Sunday Lunch with them and cam-whoring. It's been long time since we went out complete after a mass. I didn't expect to be so happy with them. Like I realized that I need to give time and go out with my family as what I spend with my friends and anything personal.

The rest rooms were so comforting as the ambiance was so secluded that you could do all your personal things
(unlike any other public C.R.).

 One of the things that I thought was if there is a spot where I can do my look photos. lol. Gladly I already have 2 spots which is the parking lot at the top and the grounds in between Lucky Chinatown and City Square Palace. It must be lucky to be surrounded by these malls making my life so convenient. Whether I want to watch a movie or shop till I drop, I can dress anything that I want, which means doing my look photos before or after shopping, and that I won't be stressed because I'm inside the coldest place in Divisoria/Binondo. I'm waiting for the rest of the vicinity to be finished. As I'll still discover this mall from time to time. ;D


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