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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Goodbye Brunette! Hello Blonde! ;)

    Waking up the very last day of my Holy week, I remembered my ought to myself and to some people at work to be back as blonde bomb. I'm already bored with my light brown hair which I've been known for with almost 7 years of my existence as being vain. It used to be the "stand-out" hair during my college days. But I think 7yrs was already enough for it, so I realized that I should be more daring to try a new hair (since I really couldn't change my hairstyle because I have skinny face) so I tried bleaching my hair. It's not about cloning other people, it's a choice that I made (and I guess it was kinda quick haha!).

It was my 2nd time to have my hair bleached. Which I semi-panicked because it was horrible to see my hair light orange! XD So after which he already mixed Light Gold Blonde for the first application. And just I thought it would right away reveal the exact color, but NO. I had thrice application and needed to massaged right into my scalp to removed the yellow parts. It was painful. But Beauty is pain, so I had no choice but to endure it. 

    Now, I'm saying goodbye brunette! Hello Blonde! I really like it, same goes with my parents (esp my dad haha!). It is not pure yellowish blonde, but unique Ash one and it seems changing depending on the lighting. The first few days it was a bit greeny but I'm glad it's gone already.

Likewise, korean pop star and style savvants are my inspiration. As I reminisced my old stored photos, I found 1 of Jae Joong's and we have the same hair color! Late that I realized that even the angle was close to it. LOL. I was a huge fan of him especially his hair. Now I'm glad to see same hair with a Kpop star. :)

   Also I found Kelbin Lei's photos (the one with a ribbon).  He's one of my inspirations before and considered to be one of the internet ce'web'rities. :D. And a doll shot I got randomly as it also somehow looks like mine. <3

    I kinda miss my old hair but this one is a must to enjoy though sometimes it still surprises me whenever I look at the mirror. LOL. But everytime my workmates touch my hair and compliments me really fondly, makes me more happy owning the look. Besides, I know I couldn't be blonde when I reached 40. LOL. So I must "Strike while the iron is hot". ;D I hope you guys like it too. :3



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